How to Get Back Missing Toggles in Your Galaxy S6's Quick Settings

If you've recently noticed that you're missing Quick Settings toggles on on your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge—specifically ones for Mobile data, Private mode, and Mobile hotspot—you aren't alone.

While Samsung can't really explain why these toggles mysteriously disappeared in the first place, they have released a simple app that will restore them on your phone.

My phone with Mobile data, Private mode, and Mobile hotspot missing.

Simply open the Galaxy Apps store on your device, then search for "QuickPanel Restore" and install it.

Once installed, launch the app, hit the "Restore" option, and let it do its thing. You'll see a toast notification letting you know that the process has completed, and the app itself will prompt you to "Uninstall app," as there's no longer a reason to have it.

Just be aware that the toggles restored will vary based on your carrier, as some may not offer certain features, and others, like Mobile hotspot, need to be activated on the carrier side of things.

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